Members on the Mic

Season 2, Episode 18: Moneesa Credle with Intrepida Consulting

Episode Summary

Tune in to the newest episode of 'Members on the Mic', presented by Trion Solutions. We talk with Moneesa Credle, Founder and CEO of Intrepida Consulting, about the tough love sometimes required to form great teams that reach the next echelon of success. You can contact Moneesa Credle at 00:00 Introductions 01:55 The kinds of problems Intrepida Consulting solves for CEOs and Executive Teams 03:16 Resolving the biggest challenges Teams face 05:35 Why Teams should see feedback as a gift 07:27 Transforming an Executive Team for success with Vulnerability-based Trust 11:19 The importance of being "eye-to-eye" with the Leader 12:23 How Teams can be successful at navigating change (Bridges' Model) 15:30 Client Success Stories 18:30 How working in Silos limits Team Talent 19:33 Client Testimonial 20:52 Get your Team started in 3 easy steps 22:21 Two things for Leaders to remember #Leadership #Teamwork #Teams #Success #Culture

Episode Notes

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Special thank you to our presenting sponsor, Trion Solutions, and our special guest Moneesa Credle with Intrepida Consulting